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At Syncon, we work hard to apply our core values to management, safety, quality and all other aspects of our projects. Our company ideals are centered on the relentless pursuit of evolving processes and perfecting our product. We lead by example to ensure our ethics, values, and culture permeate all levels of our employees. These core values are applied to daily operations of contract negotiations, estimating, bidding, scheduling, executing and directing multiple field operations. Syncon continues to provide various government clients in Hampton Roads, North Carolina and the National Capital Region with service-based solutions and 100% project success – on time and on budget.
About us

Our Values


Operate as a cohesive, close-knit TEAM that provides a combined effect, greater than the sum of all its parts, where collaboration becomes the key to success


Conduct business through strong ethical standards, transparency and honesty


Provide for the safety and health of our employees, contractors, customers, and the communities in which we operate


Promote the positive attitude and eagerness required to deliver successful projects to our clients


Treat our employees and our partners with professionalism, dignity and respect while fostering an environment of innovation and excellence


Maintain a consistent degree of excellence, conformance to requirements, and a constant pursuit of improvement that our employees and clients expect

Our Mission

Deliver the highest quality construction projects, on schedule, and by results-oriented, flexible and dedicated teams. Develop collaborative environments that support and enhance our ability to provide value to our clients, vendors and industry partners.

Our Vision

Attract, train, develop and motivate highly skilled professionals in our quest to become a sought after, brand-trust organization that is constantly focused on improvement and reliability.

Syncon’s leadership, management and supervision expertise can be found throughout every phase of construction.

The SYNCON Safety Plan implements the highest EM 385 and OSHA 30 standards. In addition, we are compliant with any additional client requirements to ensure job site safety of our personnel and equipment. Our Accident Prevention Plans (APP), Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) and job site safety training ensure that risk assessments and risk mitigation plans are clearly communicated to our contractors and clients.

Our Team

Mark Lilly


Scott Turner

Executive Vice President

Michealea Nelson

Ann Davis

Arlene Cepeda

David Franklin

Lori Gardner

Mary Morris

Chase Fulghum

Steven Henderson

Michael Hunt

Brian Jackson

Steve Hammond

Winston Johnson

William Spencer

Walter Abbott

Tommy Phelps

Rick King

Richard Jeshe

Mike Norton

Mike Ciola

Michael Kretvix

John Fallacara

Joe Trainor

David Rhem

Cheryl Morton

Brian Kokie

Frank Kee

Wilson Sarver

Karen McGuire

Robert Land

Edgar Peterson

Susan Brown

Kerri Payne

Chris Brandt

Kirk Liebold

Kevin Neal

Nate Empie

Eric Hinz

Lindsey Lijana

Phone Numbers

Office: 757.351.0770
Fax: 757.277.9055

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Syncon, LLC is a BBB Accredited Government Contractor in Chesapeake, VA
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