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Fayetteville VAMC-Chill Water Upgrade

Client: Department of Veterans Affairs  

Award Date: 01/05/2012                     

Completion Date: 04/17/2013

Based on Syncon’s to previous task orders, the Department of Veterans Affairs awarded this design-build contract to improve water utility infrastructure, upgrade equipment to control water flow, improve temperature control and increase energy savings for the campus chilled supply at the VA Medical Center in Fayetteville, NC. While working in the critical spaces of an active hospital environment, SYNCON provided extensive mechanical, plumbing, electrical and automated controls for the campus chill water system within appropriate UFC codes, Infectious Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) and ILSM standards. Connect our holistic system upgrade to previous modifications and current projects related to the campus chill water system. Extensive new 12”, 8” and 6” piping was designed and installed to support the new chilled water (CW) and hot water (HW) requirements. New Air Handling Units (AHU), internal and external VFD’s and new mechanical pumps were designed and installed to successfully meet the new design loads. Extensive Direct Digital Controls (DDC) were designed and installed. Critical crane lifts performed on four (4) 50-ton Air Handling Units (AHU) without interrupting normal hospital operations.

Upon completion the Contracting Officer stated,

SYNCON provided outstanding management and customer service to the VA Medical Center on this project. They continually met with the VA in repeated attempts to complete this project and meet the VA’s fluid requirements. Syncon proved adept and working with the design team and subcontractor to ensure a mutually agreeable solution could be achieved. SYNCON is an extremely responsive and professional firm committed to serving our nation’s veterans. I give SYNCON my strongest recommendation for future Gov’t work.

P-500 Pier 11 Power Upgrades

Client: Norfolk Naval Base, NAVFAC  

Award Date: 06/20/2014               

Completion Date: 05/24/2018

P-500 is a critical project indirect support of the FORD class aircraft carrier and brought approximately 3X higher electrical power rating to the double decker Pier 11. It was a Design Build project that incorporated multiple disciplines to design and construct in a highly congested and operational area. This was the “Proto-Type” design for the future areas that will support the ship worldwide and require a high level of collaboration with the NAVFAC design team and end user.  The project included installing large steel booms to the double decker pier that would carry the ship to shore power cables and many structural improvements. A large percentage of the work was performed underneath the pier from small boats with zero safety issues.

From the NAVFAC Construction Manager:

Throughout the project Syncon provided exceptional oversight and quality control; to guarantee the success of this project. Communication and updates were provided without request.  There was never an “Us vs. Them” mentality; it was always a team effort – especially when the Government changed the criteria, the contractor’s response was, “I’ll get right on it”. Pier 11 shore power for the FORD was ready prior to the FORD arrival. This was an incredibly high visibility project with many interested parties. I would absolutely work with Syncon on future projects; their reliability and professionalism is exceptional.

NASA OSBP Spotlight Recognizes Syncon as one of its Trusted Veteran–Owned Small Businesses

In September 2014, NASA recognized Syncon, LLC as on of it’s premier Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses:

“I am proud to highlight just a few of the Veteran-Owned Small Businesses that are playing significant roles at NASA. Veteran entrepreneurs are confronting many challenges navigating the Federal marketplace, and when we have an opportunity to feature some of their successes, we are truly honored and proud of their success in helping NASA meet its mission and of their continuing service to our country. When I think of the amazing accomplishments of the NASA small business program, I must acknowledge the companies that help contribute to our success. The Agency has received an “A” on the SBA scorecard, which measures how well Federal agencies reach their small business prime and subcontracting goals. In fiscal year 2013, NASA awarded over $2.7 billion directly to small businesses, and we exceeded our goal by more than 4 percent, with 21.4 percent of all of our prime contracts going to small businesses. NASA has increased its small business prime awards despite decreasing budgets for the past 4 years. Our slogan, “Where Small Business Makes a Big Difference,” is evident in this remarkable achievement.

Again, congratulations to this year’s featured companies, and thank you for your continued support.”

Glen Delgado
Associate Administrator
NASA Office of Small Business Programs 

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